ML Realty Partners Signs Over 800,000 Square Feet of Leases Across Dallas-Fort Worth Portfolio

March 22, 2022

DALLAS, TEXAS – ML Realty Partners is pleased to announce it has signed 855,578 square feet of new and renewal deals across Dallas-Fort Worth.  Over 500,000 square feet of these deals are new tenants to ML Realty Partners’ portfolio, including Dry Farm Wines in 60,425 square feet at 1150-1166 Quaker Street in Dallas. The health-focused, natural wine merchant will capitalize on the facility’s true last mile location within South Stemmons.

Elsewhere, ML Realty Partners welcomes the following tenants:

  • Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation: new 104,000 square foot lease at 2002 Avenue R, Grand Prairie
  • Educational Products: new 75,793 square foot lease at Crosby Trade Center, 1215 West Crosby Road, Carrollton
  • Complete Supply: new 73,556 square foot lease at 13821 Diplomat Drive, Farmers Branch
  • Diem Digital: new 72,000 square foot lease at 2520 Marsh Lane, Carrollton
  • Shoppa’s Material Handling: new 65,814 square foot lease at 4395 Diplomacy Road, Fort Worth
  • MoveWorks: new 21,300 square foot lease at 1144 Quaker Street, Dallas
  • R2CELL: new 20,092 square foot lease at McKinney Trade Center, 320 Wilmeth Road, McKinney
  • Claridge Products and Equipment: new 15,350 square foot lease at Park West Commerce Center, 480 Wrangler Drive, Coppell
  • Sojourn Group: new 13,945 square foot lease at 400 Union Bower Court, Irving
  • Fruit of the Earth: lease renewal of 130,550 square feet at 1402-1430 Avenue R, Grand Prairie
  • JAS Forwarding (USA): lease renewal of 76,800 square feet at Park West Crossing, 930 South Freeport Road, Coppell
  • Deluxe Strategic Sourcing: lease renewal of 50,456 square feet at 1406 Dunn Drive, Carrollton
  • American Airlines: lease renewal of 30,020 square feet at 4550 Buckingham Road, Fort Worth
  • Studio Moulding: lease renewal of 17,942 square feet at 915 Avenue N, Grand Prairie
  • Hunter’s Glen Real Estate: lease renewal of 15,056 square feet at 1182 Quaker Court, Dallas
  • Global Crane & Service: lease renewal of 12,480 square feet at Union Bower Business Park, 400 Union Bower Court, Irving


“ML Realty Partners continues to make advances in our leasing endeavors,” said Matthew Smith, Vice President at ML Realty Partners. “We anticipate this momentum will continue given the current demand and are excited to add so many new clients to our portfolio.”